About Us

So you speak with an accent, Russian accent. The type that makes some people secretly wonder whether you are KGB or simply Eastern European Bloc. You love bliny and black caviar and swear Beef Stroganoff was named after a distant uncle.

If you can relate, then you have arrived! Our t-shirt collection was created for comrades like you, comrades who know that «Miru Mir» could never be translated without losing its charm. You also know that «Keep Calm» is a catchy phrase coined by Karlsson, and that air balloon is the most effective cure for depression. By the irony of fate you caught a flight to a faraway land. But don’t worry — we got you and your motherland memories covered, in style.

Our mission is to bring a smile to your face, and maybe just a few nostalgic tears, like those of Mishka, the Olympic Bear. The collection you are about to discover is assembled with devotion to the good ol' days and warm sentiments in every single piece. Go ahead, explore, and fall in love with familiar characters and catchphrases all over again. No need to excuse your Russian. You are who you are — flaunt it!